Team Matches - Scratch

Ayrshire Golf Association - Scratch League 2023

Following success in last years competition and promotion to League 2, we are fortunate that there is a currently an excellent resource of talented players within the club, and we will give team captain Aidan Long all the support required in maintaining the great team spirit within the team and to try and help steer the guys to succesive promotions.  

The full draw for League 2 is shown in the enclosed table.

Fixture  Date Venue Team names Result
West Kilbride (H) May 5th @5.30pm   Ayr Belleisle GC Colin Goudie (won 4/3), Aidan Long (Won 2/1), Jamie Hay (Won 5/4), Elliot Masterson (Won 4/2), Steven McCreadie Jun (Won 5/4), Drew Cleaver (lost 1 down) 5 - 1
Prestwick St Cuthberts (A) May 19th  Prestwick St Cuthberts GC Colin Goudie (lost 6/5), Aidan Long (Won 3/2), Jamie Hay (Lost 4/3), Elliot Masterson (Lost2/1), Steven McCreadie Jun (Lost 5/4), Drew Cleaver (lost 3/2)  1 - 5
Troon Portland (H) May 25th  Ayr Belleisle GC Aidan Long (won 7/5), Steven McCreadie (won 2/1), Jamie Hay (won 5/3), Elliot Masterson (won 2/1), Colin Goudie (won 3/2), Drew Cleaver (won 6/4)  6 - 0
Turnberry (A) May 30th Turnberry GC Colin Goudie (lost 4/2), Andrew Gordon (lost 4/3), Elliot Mastersion (won 4/3), Jamie Hay (All Square), Steven McCreadie Jun (won 1 up), Aidan Long (lost 2/1)  2.5 - 3.5
Prestwick St Cuthberts (H) June 2nd Ayr Belleisle GC Colin Goudie (lost 3/2), Andrew Gordon (lost 3/2), Elliot Mastersion (won 4/3), Jamie Hay (lost 2up), Steven McCreadie Jnr (lost 4/3), Aidan Long (won 1up) 2 - 4
Turnberry (H) June 30th Ayr Belleisle GC Colin Goudie (won 3/2), Aidan Long (Won 7/5), Elliot Masterson (Won 2/1), Jamie Hay (Won 5/3), Steven McCreadie Jun (Won 2/1), Drew Cleaver (won 6/4) 4.5 - 1.5
Caprington (H) July 14th Ayr Belleisle GC  Andrew Gordon (Lost  5/3), Jamie Hay (Lost 5/3), Drew Cleaver (won 2up), Aidan Long (Won 5/3), Elliot Masterson (Lost 2/1), Colin Goudie (won 5/3) 3 - 3
West Kilbride (A) July 21st West Kilbride GC TBC  
Caprington (A) August 4th Caprington GC TBC  
Troon Portland (A) June 26th  Troon Portland GC TBC  


The League 2 table standings, (as provide by the Ayrshire Golf Association) will be provided as soon as updated by AGA.


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