Course handicaps are changing due to a change in the calculation used.

Playing Handicap will continue to be be calculated based on the full Course Handicap maintained to machine precision x 95%

For example. a member with a Handicap Index of 15.6 playing from the white tees on Belleisle wll have a course handicap as follows 

(15.6 x (122/113) + 1.1 (this is the difference between the course rating (72.1) and the course par 71) = 17.94247787610619

So the Course Handicap will be 18 and used for handicapping purposes 

However the Playing Handicap will be 95% of 17.94247787610619 = 17.04535398230088 which = 17.

There will be a new clause added to Rule 3.2 permitting competitions played over a non-standard number of holes (such as 12, or 14 holes) to be used for handicap purposes.  The calculation will use the new method of expected score differential, to "scale up" the score for immediate use on a player’s handicap record rather than the net par system previously employed.  Expected scores will only be used where a hole was not started.  Net pars will still be entered where a hole was started but not completed.  Rules around why holes have not been played / completed are also being tightened.

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