Partnership Agreement

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Recently, (Feb 2024), the club received an invitation to meet with SAC to discuss a "Partnership Agreement"  It appeared to be a generic communication intended to be distributed to more than one club. (Click this link to view the letter - Letter from SAC )  As it turned out, this was the case as every club playing out of SAC courses (28) were invited to individual meetings.

A meeting was subsequently arranged to be held at Troon Links clubhouse on Tues 26th March and the committee agreed that it should be attended by committee members Andrew Brown and Allan Coulter

The details of the proposed partnership agreement is enclosed here - Partnership Agreement - March 2024

The format of the above document makes it difficult to read on a computer screen (it is far easier as a printout), but we are grateful to John Brodie of the Chase GC who has effectively summarised the contents of the documement into a much easier to view and understand format.  A copy of Johns document can be reached on this link - Partnership Agreement March 2024 - Synopsis

and will be discussed at the next club committee meeting on Tuesday 2nd April.  It was reassuring to hear from SAC that (for now anyway) they have no plans to discuss club amalgamations, compulsory season tickets, etc.

Clubs have been asked to go back to their committees and memberships (if required - eg where a club constitution requires to be amended), and discuss the proposals in the partnership agreements.  The timescale for implementing any changes will be April 2025, so nothing is imminent.

This page will be updated on the basis of when committee decisions relating to this agreememnt are made, or we receive further information from SAC.


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